Günter Grass was born on 16 October 1927. On the same day – two hundreds year earlier – Daniel Mikołaj Chodowiecki came to this world. On this occasion, in order to celebrate the memory of the two special individuals born in Gdansk, we prepare a special programme of artistic events inspired by their work every year.

Gdansk City Gallery is an institution of culture financed by the local government. Established in 2009, the Gallery comprises three branches: Gdansk City Gallery 1 located at Piwna Street, Gdansk City Gallery 2 at Powroźnicza Street, and the Gdansk Günter Grass Gallery (4G) to be found at the corner of Szeroka and Grobla I Streets. The three spaces located within a walking distance from one another in the Main City play the function of city salons, in which progressive, often experimental modern art is combined with the reflection on broadly understood culture and society. 

The name Gdansk City Gallery builds a viewpoint of its activity, locating it at the level of the city. Gdansk City Gallery is dedicated in particular to artists, activists, theoreticians, researchers, youth, students, and seniors – more broadly speaking, to the users of the city of Gdansk. The Gallery’s activity is not limited solely to the local context, but through numerous national and international relationship, the place enters into a creative dialogue with the latest trends of artistic and humane thought.

The current interests of the gallery team include the junction of literature and visual arts, the latest, as yet undescribed history of Gdansk art concerning the last 30-40 years, as well as the promotion of artists from the Tri-City. The Gallery tries to energetically respond to the changes taking place within Polish and international social and artistic tissue.

Entry to most exhibitions and events of Gdansk City Gallery is free of charge.