Flow Motława

FLOW Motława is a one-day event: workshops, performative actions, concerts, curated  canoeing, outpouring conversations, happening along the Motława river. On the riverbank between the Zielony and the Krowi bridges (in the vicinity of the Gdańsk City Gallery 2).  The whole event is centred around the Solny scow, an old-age freight ship, moored on the bank of the Motława. It will become an extraordinary art residency afloat, on its upriver journey from Gdansk to Krakow as the Rafting Arts Festival Against the Current.

Performative conversations:
The Vistula Book. Short Stories from the River Ewa Ciepielewska’s lecture on co-existing with the Vistula river and the screening of Grzegorz Wierzchowski’s film Vistula Veneti, 2010.
15.00 Amaurosis is the title of the conversation held by Elisabeth Molin. The theme relates to invisibility, darkness and the limits of vision. The whole thing includes stories, facts, music and movement.
16.00 Jonny Briggs will hold a conversation with the audience and a workshop in drawing on mistakes and mystery, which he is currently offering at the Tate Modern, London.

Performative actions:
14.00 – 18.00
Eva Vermandel, for the FLOW project, is going to invite willing participants to her hotel room, where everyone will have the opportunity to take a shower whichever way they like: fully clad, in undergarment or naked – expect in the bathing suit. Eva Vermandel will do a portrait of each bathing participant. If you want that your photograph will be taken, please, take with you a towel and clothes for change. Sweemsuits excluded. If you need any additional information please write on email

18.00 Flow Food. Rhythm of Water Kola Świlińska. An on-boat, culinary performance. Five transformations cooking to the rhythm of water. The notions of sharing and gift exchange. Viewers willing to participate in the performance are kindly asked to bring along a gift, a natural object (shells, stones), foodstuff. We will be sharing, exchanging, jointly participating in rhythms and transferring thoughts, conversing with natural beings.
18.00 – 19.00 Agnieszka Brzeżańska’s performance on the Solny scow/OBV taiko drum will be played by Ania Tkaczyk.

Curated canoeing excursion:
14.00 – 18.00
The museum travel agent organises the canoeing excursion On the Trail of Żabi Kruk [the Frog Raven]. Legends speak of two different origins of the name Żabi Kruk. One is a story of a young man transformed into a raven and hurled into frog mud, the other tells the story of loose women and their clients. The Museum Travel Agent stumbled upon another explanation of the mysterious name. It turns out that traces of an underwater monster, resident of neighbouring waters,  have recently been discovered. The canoeing excursion “On the Trail of Żabi Kruk [the Frog Raven]” is dedicated to the history of the enigmatic monster.
Canoeing route: Gdańsk City Gallery 2 – Żabi Kruk; duration: 1h.
for more info, phone: MBW 509 586 668

14.00 – 18.00
  Marika Szewczyk’s and Kamil Kuitkowski’s (The Razem Pamoja Foundation) educational workshop, floating toys from found things. A workshops for children and adults in creating self-made toys and floats from rubbish and found objects.
16.00 – 17.30 Do it yourself, or today Ewa Ciepielewska’s workshop in stencil printing.

Joanna Duda
21.00 Anna Zaradny experimental music concert Octopus (video), Go Go Theurgy, composition from her latest album.
Besides / One-day open-air exhibition:
-A Kenyan sail made of rice bags painted  by students from Mathare Valley in 2014, Nairobi, Kenya
- screening of super 8 films from the Mathare Slum, Bartosz Przybył-Ołowski (The Razem Pamoja Foundation)
- Prezentation of the Razem Pamoja Foundation postcards and the VOLANS collection
- Screening of Eva Vermandel and Aidan Gillen’s film The Sea is Always Fluid, 2011
- Screening of Jonny Briggs’ selected films

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The project is organised as part of the European Programme The People’s Smart Sculpture (PS2)

* Galar [scow] was a well-known vessel. used for several centuries for shipping freight from Gdansk. It originates from the Upper Vistula and Ulanow. Galar bużny, or the Bug river scow, is also recorded in history. The vessel was used for transporting grain, salt, lime, agricultural produce, rarely, timber and coal.
Galar SOLNY, the Solny scow, was built in 2013 in Wieluń on the Warta according to traditional designs. It renders services to culture, education and entertainment. It is 11,5m long and 3,5m wide. Last year, it covered the length of 3000km of European water routes, thanks to a 15kM engine. Despite its significant size, It is a very stable and safe, swiftly travelling vessel, with the draught of ci. 15 cm, which can be easily steered in the volatile river bed in accordance with the motto of adapting vessels to the River, not the other way round.